Online Service Menus + Online Service Sales Training

  • Do you need to get some ‘selling’ going in your service drive?

  • Have you tried service menus, and your guys just don’t use them?

  • Is your time so jammed, there’s just not enough hours in the day to take on something else?

monitor-menuWe hear you. So we’ll give you the best training and support people in the business to help you make something happen!

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And ‘all’ the details in the chart below

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Core Program Core   + Knowledge Core   + Knowledge + Pricing Core   + Knowledge + Pricing + Live support Core   + Knowledge + Pricing + Live support + Expert reviews
Program   Name Online Maintenance Database Database + Basic Knowledge and   Reporting Online Interactive Service Menus Setup Turn-key Complete Turn-key
Key   Features 19 Manufacturer Services   Database Maintenance Database + Knowledge   Base + Live and Recorded Webinars Maintenance Database +   Customized Pricing for Primary Franchise + Advanced Reporting Service Menus + Live Online,   Direct to Dealer Pricing and Setup Support + Advisor Training Setup Turn-key + Monthly Expert   Review and Consulting
Summary   Overview Database of services that   outlines what manufacturer services are recommended, along with sales tools   that explain the services – no setup time, or Portal access required since   there is no pricing on the menus Expands the Database of Services   – still no setup or pricing needed – with Online Portal access to Knowledge   Base training materials, a full library of recorded webinars, and live   webinars as they are conducted. A classic ‘standard’ service   menu setup for a dealership.  Adds full   Online Portal access, with the ability to setup pricing for the manufacturer   primary franchise services and customize their dealership services along with   advanced reporting Adds on live, direct to dealer   pricing and menus setup support, along with advanced live, online training   support Complete turn-key says it   all.  Once a dealership is registered   on this program, this is a complete direct to dealer setup, training and   support program with your own dedicated selling system specialist.
Manufacturer Based Maintenance Schedules For Make, Model And   Mileage yes yes yes yes yes
Includes 19 Major Manufacturer’s Schedules yes yes yes yes yes
Standard Al-a-carte List Of Popular Dealer Services yes yes yes yes yes
Emailable Menus yes yes yes yes yes
Printable Menus yes yes yes yes yes
Visual Sales Tools yes yes yes yes yes
Can Be Added To Dealership Website yes yes yes yes yes
Automatic Annual New Vehicle Updates yes yes yes yes yes
Tablet Service Menu Display Support yes yes yes yes yes
Email/Case Technical Support yes yes yes yes yes
Online Support Portal yes yes yes yes yes
Online Training Materials and Knowledge Base yes yes yes yes yes
Live Service Menu Webinar Training Series yes yes yes yes
Live Fixed Ops Management Webinar Series yes yes yes yes
Recorded Service Menu Webinar Training Library yes yes yes yes
 Recorded Fixed Ops   Management Webinar Library yes yes yes yes
Online Service Menu and Selling Knowledge Base yes yes yes yes
Continuing Education Series Via Email Newsletter yes yes yes
Advanced   Online Reporting yes yes yes
Customized Manufacturer Service Pricing yes yes yes
Customized Dealer Services Pricing And Intervals yes yes yes
Customized Op-Code Entry yes yes yes
Customize Daily Or Seasonal Specials yes yes yes
Live,   Online Direct To Dealer Pricing And Setup Support yes yes
Live, Online Direct To Dealer Service Advisor Training yes yes
Live, Online Ongoing Workflow Support Based on Results yes
Live,   Online Monthly Industry Expert Review And Consulting yes